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Reception Term 4 Class Update

4 March 2019
Reception Term 4 Class Update

In Week one the Reception children came back to school in warm spring like sunshine.

Although it was warm and sunny outside we continued our topic focus on Polar Regions. We listened to the story “Polar Bear what do you hear?” – A rhyming story by Bill Martin and Eric Carle. In the story Polar Bear hears the sounds of lots of different animals. In class we have been creating our own pages for the books with the children writing and drawing about the different animals Polar Bear could hear and describing the sounds they make. In the art area the children made collages of Polar Bear's head. These look absolutely amazing!

We looked at the story “The Snowdrop” by Hans Christian Andersen. Then making use of the glorious sunshine we went into the secret garden to study and make observational drawings of the snowdrops growing there.

In phonics this week we have begun to learn the phonemes in phase 3. These are the phoneme can be made up of 2 or 3 graphemes or letters. We began this week with sh, ch, th and ng. The children have been building words with these phonemes as well as revisiting the phase 2 phonemes. We have also been looking closely at some of the tricky words that are not written phonetically. Words like are, the, go and my. The class are beginning to recognise these tricky words and to try writing them.

On Friday in the phonics session we played a game called Full Circle. This is a word building and changing game. The children had cards with phonemes on and when asked to, they had to build up the words the teacher calls out. They displayed the phoneme in a clear pocket on a pinafore that they wore. Each round a phoneme in the word was changed to make a new word. The children had to spot which new phoneme was needed and which phoneme was no longer required. When the same word that started the game was made for the second time the children all shout full circle. It was tricky to begin with but the children soon got the hang of it. Have a look at the photos!

In RE this week we continued our work about Special Places. We looked at Christian churches and the children found out about what the main features of a church both outside and inside. We looked at many photos of different churches. We were amazed at the variety of sizes, styles and ages of the churches. In the next few weeks we will be building on our learning by visiting St. Mary’s church in Lydiard.

On Thursday we had indoor PE. The school has recently purchased a new scheme to help with the delivery of PE. The unit for reception this term is gymnastics. The theme is centred on stars and space. We had fun making star shapes, pike aliens, rockets and flying saucers! The focus is on creating a strong core and getting children to focus on the quality of their movements and body shapes. It was quite challenging to get children to have straight backs and arms. Pointy toes also needs working on. All in all it was an excellent first session and the children will build on these skills over the next few sessions.

Patch this week went home with Lily. We look forward to sharing their time together. The Effort cup went to Lacey.

In week two the week began with our termly Values Day. The value for this term is Kindness. The children listened to the story “Kindness is cooler Mrs Ruler”. The children discussed acts of kindness they could do at school and home. The children wrote these acts of kindness on a heart for the values display.

Continuing with our work about Polar Regions the children learned about the natural phenomenon the “Aurora Borealis “commonly known as the northern lights. They listened to the legend of the Northern lights and created a northern lights art work using paints and pastels.In phonics this week the children have continued to look at diagraphs; ai ee oo. They have been segmenting and reading and writing words containing these diagraphs.

Also we have been looking at tricky words and the children are beginning to learn these more difficult spellings.Tuesday was Pancake Day and the children learned about the origins of this festival. Of course the children had to make some! They had great fun mixing the ingredients and cooking the pancakes.

Even more fun was had when it came to the eating! They were delicious. Later on in the day the children went outside to the garden kitchen. Here they were digging and mixing water and mud to make some fabulous mud pancakes. Much fun was had by all!

Thursday was World Book Day. The children came to school dressed as either the pink crayon or the beige crayon from the story – “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. This is a lovely tale about packet of crayons who write to their owner to complain about the way he uses them.

The day began with an assembly where the children were presented with an alternative version of the story-The Day the Crayons Quit at Tregoze! –starring members of staff.Back in class the children got the opportunity to share a favourite book they had brought. They were asked to write a little about what they liked about their book.

Then they were tasked with designing an alternative front cover for their book. Everyone made a special Book Day bookmark – these look great! The children will bring these home in the next few days.Patch went home with Lewis this week. We look forward to hearing about their adventures. The effort cup was awarded to Kacey.

In week three we had another busy week in Reception! This week we have been looking at non-fiction texts. We have used the book “Where do Polar Bears Live?”. This book is full of facts about Polar Bears. There were some fascinating facts that even the teachers did not know. Did you know that a Polar bear’s skin under its white fur is black?

This week the children have used what they have learned to write fact files about Polar Bears. They have chosen 4 facts and using their phonic knowledge written these facts in a special file. The quality of writing is really excellent!

We have been quite busy physically this week. On Tuesday Swindon Town Football young coaches came in to do a training session with us. Sadly the weather was awful but we did our session in the hall. The children learned how to control and manage the ball and played some fun passing games.

On Thursday in PE they continued their gymnastics learning. We used our bodies to create space themed shapes focusing on pointed toes and straight limbs. In PSHE our theme this term is Healthy me. They children learned about the job and position of our hearts and how it beats faster when we are active. We all made our hearts beat faster by dancing, jumping and jogging!

We have been learning about the use of capital letters in our literacy sessions. We talked about times when we need capital letters and the children looked at some of the differences between lower case and upper case letters.

In phonics we continue to learn diagraphs. This week we added oa, ar, or and oi to the ones previously learned. The children practised reading and spelling words containing these diagraphs.

In Maths we continued our focus on teen numbers and looking at the place value and understanding how teen numbers are made of a ten and extra ones. Using tens frames the children were able to make all teen numbers and twenty. We have also been doing some addition using the numicon and the children have been learning the very important skill of counting on.

Effort cup this week went to Theo for his great phonic work. Patch went home with Alexa. We look forward to hearing about their adventures together!

In week four, we continued the Learning about non–fiction texts this week. We used the text “Egg to Penguin” to learn about the life cycles of penguins. We explored how to use the contents page and how it can help us locate information in the text. We also looked at labelled diagrams and how they work. The children then used what they had learned to label a picture of a penguin.

We have continued learning the phase 3 phonics this week covering oi, ow, er and ur. The children have been working hard to read and write these diagraphs.

In Maths we have continued to work on counting on and adding two numbers using tens frames. The children have been improving their ability to count on – a vital skill.

Thursday was a very special day! It was Maths Day! We spent all day doing a variety of different Maths related activities. The children were able to experience time in other classroom and with other teachers. To start the day the children visited Mrs Sykes in the Year 2 classroom. They listened to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This is a story that involves cumulative adding of fruit and food items that the caterpillar eats on his mission to transform into a beautiful butterfly. The children got out the Beebots and were tasked to program the robots around an obstacle course following the order of the food the caterpillar ate in the story.

After playtime the children went across to Mrs Keane in the Year 1 classroom. She was doing some art work also based around the story. She taught the children the term symmetry and what it meant. They looked at lots of examples of symmetry in nature and of course at butterflies. The children then used paint and folding to create symmetrical butterfly patterns.

In the afternoon Mrs Collins took the class into the hall for a Maths based PE lessons. The children played games involving numbers and problem solving. The children had a fantastic day and learned so much.

In week five Reception have been enjoying the pleasant weather this week and have spent a lot of time outside.

The children now have a super role play area in the covered area outside – currently set out as a home/café or restaurant. The children have really enjoyed role play here including playing homes, cafés and restaurants using the vast array of play food and utensils. The outside mud kitchen and the digging area have also been widely used this week. The children have been finding buried treasure in the vegetable plot and have been digging up potatoes. We have cooked these up in the kitchen and the children have eaten them! Yum yum!

This week has been the Big Pedal week. This is a national initiative to encourage more children to ride their bikes, scooters or walk to school. Lots of the children have come to school on scooters and bikes - the number of children (and parents and siblings) are collated and entered online. There are prizes for the best class and also for the best schools. Fingers crossed for Reception!

In Maths this week the children learned all about doubling. They began using tens frames and doubling the number of pegs, learning that doubling is the same as adding the same number again. The children then used the doubles from dominoes sets to further explore. Working independently the children used tens frames and a variety of small items to further explore doubling.

On Thursday – a beautiful sunny day- the class walked up to St Mary’s Church in Lydiard Park. This was part of the RE curriculum learning about special places. Rev. Dev the Vicar of St. Mary’s met us there to show us around. He showed us the important features for Christian worship and explained how Christians use the church and churchyard. The children were well behaved and learned a great deal from the visit. Rev. Dev. was very complimentary about the class. Well done Reception!

Sunday coming, is of course a very special day- Mothering Sunday. The children have made some lovely cards and gifts for their Mums. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

In week six we had a week jam packed with a variety of Easter activities. All the children made an Easter card for their families. These were a fabulous chick emerging from an egg. There were lot of free choice activities where the children could choose to make Easter baskets, chicks, bunnies and bonnets. The children were able to access these independently and it was lovely to see the children being independent and getting resources and doing tasks on their own without adult intervention. A hard skill! The children also listened to the Christian story of Easter about Jesus. We learned why Christians celebrate Easter and some of the symbols associated with the feast. For example Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

In Maths this week we have continued work on doubling and we began looking at the concept of capacity. The children used a variety of containers and items and explored the concepts of full, empty and half full and half empty. The children really enjoyed filling the containers with different items and seeing what items filled the containers up the quickest!

The weather has not been so kind this week but we managed to get outside to plant our early crop potatoes. The children dug and prepared the ground and then planted the potatoes. Hopefully we will have a crop of potatoes in the summer which we will harvest and eat!

On Thursday we had some special guests from Swindon Music Service. They came with a variety of stringed instruments for a strings Roadshow! They told us all about the instruments and how to play them and they treated us to some fabulous playing with music and songs from around the globe. Their last song was a real crowd pleaser which got the whole school singing - "Shotgun" by George Ezra.

On Friday it was the last day of The Big Pedal! We have really worked hard to have as many children as possible riding and scooting to school. The last day was Super Hero Day. The children dressed as their favourite Super heroes and we were able to get out on the main playground for a last scoot! Those children who had not brought their bikes had the option to use the school scooters and bikes. Despite the cold the children had fun riding and scooting around the playground.

The children took part in 2 egg hunts. The first was outside to find their Easter egg from the Friends of Tregoze School. Then the Easter Bunny had hidden some small eggs in the classroom for the children to find.

The last day of term was tinged with sadness as we said goodbye to Joao who is going back to Brazil. The children made him a card with their photos on so he can remember all his friends at Tregoze. We wish him luck, success and happiness!

The effort cup has gone home with Darcie for her super reading and Patch has gone home for the holidays with Emilia. We look forward to hearing about their time together.

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