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Year 2 Term 3 Class Update

25 January 2019
Year 2 Term 3 Class Update

Week Three

In Maths this week we have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes. We loved using sticks and blue tack to create different shapes. We found it quite a challenge!

In English, we used pictures to plan a recount about how to build a space ship. We then wrote our own instructions, which were incredible! Well done Year 2!

We enjoyed having our grown ups in this week to help us learn all about eSafety and we created some lovely posters to show what we had learned.

Year 2 have continued to develop there skills in tennis and impressed me when using a racket to pass the ball to each other.

We had a visitor into school this week- the most amazing little green alien. Someone is enjoying our topic!

Week Four

In Maths this week we have been subtracting numbers using lots of apparatus to help us. We have been using part whole models and bar models as well as tens frames and counters to help us solve our number problems.

In English, we finished our information texts about Owls – we found lots of interesting facts. On Thursday the class received a letter from Simon Bartram – the author of the Bob the man on the Moon books. He wants to write a new Bob story but needs some ideas from year 1! We looked at some pictures of the moon and imagined that we were there! What could we hear and see? What could we feel? We had some alien slime to help us. We have used these ideas to write some setting descriptions of the moon – some great work Year 1.

We enjoyed having our grown ups in this week to help us learn all about eSafety. The visiting teacher from Ridgeway supported us in our gymnastics lesson and we all worked really well.

Another great week in year 1 – next week we will be designing Underpants for Aliens!

Week Five

On Monday a special visitor came to visit our school. We discovered an alien space ship in our playground and we searched the playground for clues, also thinking about the kinds of things in our school grounds that may be confusing, exciting or scary for our visitor. We then read a recount about an alien visit to earth and used pictures to represent this. We loved using actions to say the recount out loud.

In Maths, we have been naming and describing 2D shapes. We enjoyed sorting shapes using our own ideas. We had a fantastic afternoon designing, making and testing our own parachutes. We even put an egg inside them to see if our parachute would travel gently back to earth.

In PE we continued to work on our tennis skills and practised sending the ball back and forth to a partner

Week Six

We have continued to learn about shapes this week. We have been naming and describing 3D shapes. We can now describe how many vertices, edges and faces a shape has and loved using what we learned to sort shapes using our own ideas. We also created our own repeated patterns using 3D shapes.

We amazed our school and grown ups this week in our class assembly, where we shared our learning for this term.

Week Seven

We loved music day this week! We loved learning about different kinds of instruments and sorting them according to their properties. We also enjoyed learning some new jazz songs.

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