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Year 2 Term 4 Class Update

4 March 2019
Year 2 Term 4 Class Update

In week one, we had so much fun on our cowboy and Indian day on Monday.

We looked amazing in our costumes and loved creating an Indian headdress and learning some line dancing.

We have learned about our new value; kindness. We drew around our hands and wrote the name of someone kind inside and the ways in which they have shown our value. We also read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and talked about how kindness is shown in the story. We then created items of the giant's clothing.

In English this week we have been learning about questions,exclamation sentences and adverbs. We have written some fantastic pieces linked to our new topic. We have also enjoyed creating living sentences using a range of grammatical features.

We have learned about the ways in which we can communicate with people around the world and then then loved using an app on purple mash to write emails to fictional characters.

In week two, we loved developing our ball skills in PE. We have been working hard on fractions and have amazed our teacher this week by finding 3 quarters of different numbers!

In English we have loved hearing a story about a plastic Indian toy that comes to life and have planned our own story about Cowboys and Indians using our own ideas and ideas from the story. I cannot wait to read them next week!

In week three, we have enjoyed continuing our space dance in PE. We have created paired dances to represent the take off of a space rocket and its journey through space and we have created individual dances to show an astronaut walking on a planet. They are truly amazing and all in time to the music!

We were very lucky to have Swindon Town in this week for a session and loved playing a range of warm games to develop our skills.

In Maths this week we have been learning about tally charts and pictograms. We especially enjoyed creating a tally chart to represent the colours of Smarties in a tube.

In English we have written the most incredible stories about plastic Cowboy or Indian toys which have come to life and had an adventure. We worked beautifully in pairs to edit our work and also loved sharing our stories with the class.

In Science we had a great time testing materials to find out if they are waterproof or absorbent, as we need waterproof materials to design our tepee next week!

In week four in Maths we have been learning about different graphs.We loved creating a tally to show the different colours of smarties in a pack. We then used this data to create a block graph. We enjoyed designing and creating a Native American tepee,using what we know about materials.

In Reading we have been developing our fluency by reading a known text. Our Maths day was so much fun! We enjoyed learning about Maths through PE, Computing and Art!

In week five we have been learning about time. We have continued telling the time when it is quarter to and quarter past.Some of us have also been reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We have also been working out how much time ha passed between one time and another.

In Science we love testing materials to see whether they were opaque or transparent and in Geography we have been using maps and atlases to locate different countries.

We have continued to develop our throwing skills in PE and this week we have been working on using an overarm throw.

In week six we have written the most amazing instructions for how to build a teepee. We also enjoyed working in groups to sort verbs into past and present. We loved learning to recite poems by heart this week and using actions to help us. We particularly enjoyed learning 'The Owl and The Pussycat'.

In Science, we tested chocolate, ice and butter to see which would melt more quickly. We were very lucky to have visitors in to play music from around the world using strings instruments and we also had visitors in to teach us a range of tennis skills.

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