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Year 2 Term 5 Class Update

29 April 2019
Year 2 Term 5 Class Update

Wow what a busy first week back!

On Tuesday we enjoyed learning about our new value of truthfulness. We heard the story 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and then acted out the story with our friends. We talked about the importance of this value and the potential consequences of being dishonest.

On Tuesday we also visited Lydiard Park for the afternoon. We had a great time feeding the ducks, having a picnic, playing some games and playing in the park. We will later plan and write a recount about our visit.

In Maths this week we have been learning about length and height. We have enjoyed using rulers and metre sticks to measure, compare and order lengths.

In Science we conducted an experiment, planting seeds and keeping them in a variety of conditions.

Week Two

This week we have planned and written our recounts about our rip to Lydiard Park. We had the most amazing time and our recounts were amazing, also this week we learned how to play dodgeball. We loved it!

We were very lucky this week to have a visitor in this week to teach us all about recycling. It was really interesting and we enjoyed using role play to consolidate our learning.

Week Three

We have had a very busy week!

We have completed some fantastic writing about meerkats! We've loved finding out about what they eat and where they live. We were fascinated when learning about Nelson Mandela. We enjoyed finding out about his life.

In Science this week we have created our own food chains and in Geography we have learned about the different continents and oceans, and labelled them on a map.

We have enjoyed looking at our beans which are growing well! We will look more closely at them again in a few weeks. What a lot we've squeezed into a short week

Week Four

This week we have planned and written some fantastic non-chronological reports about Meerkats. We have loved finding out about them and our reports are brilliant.

In Maths we have been recapping time. We have used the clocks to read and write the time when it is quarter to and quarter past.

In PE we have continued to enjoy playing dodgeball.

We loved looking the growth of our beans.

Week Six

After working hard all term, Year 2 have had lots of fun this week. We enjoyed learning about algorithms and wrote algorithms to draw a monster for our friends to follow. We also enjoyed programming and debugging beebots in order to make more than one complete a sequence of dance moves at the same time! What a challenge!

We made fairy cakes this week and very much enjoyed eating them! We have really enjoyed watching the mummy bird in our bird box and seeing her pop in and out to feed her babies.

At Tregoze we were very lucky to have visiting athlete in, who set up a circuit of activities for u to complete. We had an ice lolly as a very special treat our hard work this term! Big well done to Year 2!

Have a restful half term.

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