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Year 3 Class Update Term 1 - Week 1

9 September 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 1 - Week 1

Welcome back to everyone! We hope your children have enjoyed their first few days in Year 3 and indeed in Key Stage 2.

They may say they are tired as they adjust to the slightly different timetable and the pace is certainly new for them. We have loved getting to know them this week and hopefully they are beginning to get to know us- our similarities and differences and all the little foibles!!!

We have been blown away by the standard and variety of Egyptian Projects that we are being presented with. They have all acquired a huge amount of knowledge already. The standard is outstanding. A great big well done to the children (and Parents) for putting in so much effort. The children are still sharing them with us - this may take a while- then they will be proudly displayed in our topic corner.

Our reading theme for the next couple of weeks is Traditional Tales. We have tried to share the lesser known ones with the children. We have read The Frog Prince, The Princess and the Pea, Rumpelstiltskin and Puss in Boots and we have discussed many others. Any that you can read at home or share with your child would be a bonus. We will be looking at the different versions of the tales next week.

I have been checking off the Bookopoly challenges - one challenge a week remember- if it is logged in the Reading Record I have been putting stickers on the base boards to show it has been completed. If you are not sure how it works do come and speak to one of us.

Our aim is to drastically increase the children's vocabulary over the year. We will introduce new words each week and encourage the children to use them when speaking and of course when writing. This week we played a game called Word Taboo where the children had to sort through words and categorise them according to if they knew them well, had heard them but were unsure of their meaning, knew they had more than one meaning or if they had never heard them before. This led to us choosing 2 new words that nobody had heard before. They were flouncing and noosed.

Hopefully they now know their meaning and can use them in a sentence- why don't you ask them? After my little role play - they should all be able to flounce!!

Noosed let us off onto a tangent - discussing our Horrible History and the hangman's noose. They seem to have a liking for the gruesome- just as well- as the Egyptians were exactly that! Hopefully nobody was too distressed. They certainly asked lots of questions!

In Maths we have been working on place value- how to partition numbers in different ways and understanding the value of the digits in 3 digit numbers. We are still getting into the swing of our 99 club tests but it was my pleasure to give out some certificates today.

Our 3 top dojos this week were Elena, Nathan and Amelie. Well done. Horus group won the table award.

Have a super weekend. See you next week.

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