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Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 5

8 October 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 5

An exciting week in Year 3 this year with some special events to boot!

In English we continued our work on similes and the children were introduced to the power of hyperbole! They explored different examples of hyperbole and tried to give examples of their own. On Tuesday morning we were very pleased to welcome many of you to our class to share some of the English learning and the children were using similes and hyperbole to plan adverts extolling the beauty and wonder of the forest (linked to our story the Lost Happy Endings). The children really enjoyed this and with parent’s help we had some super adverts planned ready for writing up on the Wednesday!

On Wednesday the class had a real treat with the performance of “The Secret Garden”. This was a fabulous production and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Then on Thursday we held our annual Macmillan Coffee morning. This was very well attended and lots of children were taken in to join their friends and families for cake and coffee. We raised about £150 for the charity.

In Maths this week we have been ordering and comparing numbers. We learned about ascending and descending order and the children used the symbols for more than and less than. This all proved fairly straightforward but then we went on to looking at sequences where some numbers were missing or covered and the children had to suggest what these numbers could be using reasoning skills. This proved more difficult even when there were lots of possible answers. So we will plan more of these type of reasoning activities.

In Maths it is very easy to accept a correct answer but we want children to explain why it is correct and how they know it is correct. This takes time and practise. Do encourage children to explain their answers when encountering maths at home. Questions like- How do you know? Explain? What tells you that? Why is it that number? Can you convince me why that is the right answer? – These all help with reasoning and explanation skills.

Monday 7th October is our annual Harvest Assembly. Can we remind you to send children in with tinned or packets items for the assembly? These will be donated afterwards to Swindon Foodbank. The children will be sharing some of their amazing Harvest Poems during the assembly. We continued the theme of similes and hyperbole and related it to Harvest. Some of these are really excellent!

It remained dry on Thursday for our rugby session. We did get muddy shoes and boots but that was to be expected! We did not use the tag belts and tags this week but focussed purely on passing skills. Passing sideways and backwards but never forwards. Quite a tricky skill!

NB--Next Thursday at 2.30 – There will be a curriculum information talk for year 3 and year 4 parents together in the hall. We will tell you more about expectations, homework, and curriculum. Please do come along if you are available.

Top dojos this week were Amelie, Archie and Michael. Tutankhamun has gone home with Hamish this week. Summer shared her adventures with Cleo and we look forward to sharing Hamish’s time with Tut! The effort cup went to Charlie this week. Congratulations to all!

Have a lovely weekend!

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