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Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 6

14 October 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 6

This week began with a fabulous Harvest Assembly.

Some children in year 3 read their poems out during the service. There was a huge array of food collected in which will be sent to Swindon Foodbank to help needy families locally.

We have had a huge writing focus in English this week. We have been writing our final stories centred about "The Lost Happy Endings". The children have picked up so much amazing language from this story. It was very satisfying to see the children remembering good phrases and language from the story and adding it to their writing. We were also seeing lots of similes following on from the previous week. We hope to get these finished and published so they can be proudly displayed in class.

Our next area of focus in English is Instructional texts so in our Reading sessions we have been reading different sorts of instructions and getting to know the genre. This will continue next week.

In maths we have begun looking at fractions and decimals. We began by thinking about tenths. What is a tenth? Looking at practical and pictorial representations of tenths and placing tenths on number lines. We then moved on to converting tenths to decimals and understanding the role of the decimal point. Finally we were placing decimals on number lines. The children were involved in some problem solving and reasoning activities- where they had to correct our dear friend Colin's maths. At first the decimals seemed like a tricky concept for the class but in fact they picked it up very quickly and a lot of the children were progressing on the diving deeper sections of the lessons.

A few parents have been asking about Club tests. Once children are onto 33 club it does ask division questions as well but mainly focusses on the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10s. Children often get caught out by the commutative nature of the questions. They see 5x11 and say they don't know the 11 times table but really it is also 11x5 and they do know the 5 times table. Keep rehearsing tables at home and reverse the sum so the children see they both have the same answer. 44 club does have 6 times tables and once they are on 55 it features all tables and division facts too.

In our French lessons this week we have been counting to 12 in French. We watched videos and learned some counting songs to help us. We also played some interactive games to aid with word recognition.

Many thanks to those of you who came to the Curriculum afternoon. We hope you found it useful. I will try to attach the Power point to dojo and the spelling handouts will be available on parent's evenings. Do sign up for these meetings if you have not already done so.

Our trip to the Ballet on Friday was super. We had to eat a quick early lunch and travel down in shuttles which invariably involved some waiting about. The children behaved well even though it was wet and windy!! The actual demonstration lesson was fantastic! There were children from the Ballet School- some youngsters and a pair of older teenagers. They told us about the Ballet school and how they spent their time there and how much dancing they did! What a dedicated group!

We were shown many different ballet moves and they demonstrated their strength and suppleness. We were treated to arabesques and pirouettes and some amazing jumps. Some of our children even managed to volunteer to go up on stage and join in with these moves! All in all it was a very worthwhile activity! Huge thanks to Mr Wells for driving the bus and Mrs King for accompanying us. Thanks also to Mrs Scott and her Mum who joined us to help supervise.

Top Dojos this week are - Molly Elena Amelie- who all tied and Charlie. Cleo has gone home with Lilly and Effort cup went to Ben. Congratulations!

Have a lovely weekend!

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