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Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 7

21 October 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 1 Week 7

Another busy and productive week in Year 3!

We had an amazing start on Monday with the final Ballet session which was an open session for parents. Many thanks to those of you who were able to come in and watch. We hope you enjoyed it. It has been a super experience and opportunity for the class and it has enabled some children to really come out of themselves.

Well done to everyone and well done to those children who were selected to attend further workshop sessions in town.

The writing and reading focus this week has been all about instruction writing. We have carefully studied a variety of different instructions- looking closely at the features of this genre of writing. Following on from this the children have written a variety of different instructions. The most recent being a set of instructions for being the deliverer of Happy endings- which related back to our text ”The Lost Happy Endings”

We have also begun reading our new class text – “The Firework maker’s daughter” by Philip Pullman. Every child has their own copy of the text and lots of children have been volunteering to read bits aloud. It is another very rich text, full of fabulous vocabulary. It is set in Thailand and includes lots of Thai culture and customs.

Maths this week has been in the area of Geometry. Lines- were the theme. The children have learned lots of new geometry terms including- parallel, intersecting, horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and right angles. We have watched videos, sung songs and done actions to help us identify and remember which lines are which!

The lessons have been very successful with lots of the children getting onto the reasoning sections of the follow up tasks. Next week will involve looking at 2d and 3d shapes and discussing their properties. We will be expecting them to draw on their new knowledge of lines when they talk about the shapes.

This week we have also managed to get the atlases out and to cover some of our Geography objectives. We recapped all the continents and then we had a closer look at European countries and their capitals. We have started to complete our Tutankhamun death mask fact files. These are only just started as we have been gathering facts about him and the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter.

Already the children have been displaying their artistry by drawing amazing faces on these. They can’t wait to finish them and add colour. They will look great displayed in class. In French this week we continued our learning of greetings and how to ask- What is your name? We also completed a number activity.

There has been a real effort this week to earn dojos. This week has had the highest total of dojos since the start of the term! Some children have reached the lofty totals of 30 and above! Quite an achievement! On Monday we will be giving out the first few 100 dojos earned certificates. Several children had huge boosts to their scores with the addition of the reward dojos for the Bookopoly challenges.

Please do keep bringing these in so we can add your child’s reading challenge dojos. You will get numerous notifications for these as the highest point score we can allocate on the dojo program is 5 and some challenges have 10 and 15 dojos awards. So apologies for the constant pinging sound you will hear when these are updated!! This week’s top dojo earners were Charlotte Molly, Alya and Hamish. Well done to them!

We welcomed a new member to our class this week. Chelsea has joined us in class. She has made a great start and we wish her a very warm welcome to Tregoze. The class have been very welcoming and she has already made lots of new friends.

Cleopatra has gone home for the weekend and indeed the holidays with Anna. We look forward to hearing about their adventures and effort cup has gone to Candace this week.

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