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Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 3

25 November 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 3

Each week we have been looking at a word of the week to improve the children’s vocabulary.

This week we had the word obnoxious. Previous words have included: villainous, fumbling, seized and wailing. We explore the meaning of the word and look at synonyms (words that mean the same) and antonyms (words that mean the opposite) as well as seeing if we can add suffixes and prefixes to make new words. The children really try hard to use these words in their writing and we challenge them to do so. It has been really gratifying to see how the children remember the words and make a real effort to include them in their work.

The spelling focus this week has been the g sound at the end of words spelled with gue . Quite tricky! There are only a few words that have this pattern. We discussed the meaning of these too including: fatigue, vogue, vague, rogue and intrigue. Also interesting to discuss how some of these words originate from French. Last week we had chef and chalet and this week we discussed vogue, fatigue and intrigue which all originate from French.

We are reaching the climax of the story of the Firework Maker’s daughter and the children are beginning to form ideas to write their own extra chapter for the story. They have been planning their ideas. We have also been looking at how to write speech, using inverted commas and the right punctuation.

In Maths we have continued looking at the 8 times table and division facts associated with it and we have now moved on to looking at adding. As usual we follow a series of small step lesson which build onto one another. So we began by adding 3 digit numbers and ones- which most children were comfortable with. Then we progressed onto adding ones but bridging through the ten (when the ones total is more than 10 and results in having to change the tens digit. Eg. 446+6= 452. Here the ones total is 12 so the tens column has to increase by 10 to 50 and the ones change to 2. There is no change to the hundreds). We looked at ways of doing this mentally using number facts, counting on and using base 10 apparatus to help

On Wednesday we had a trip out to the cinema to see “Johnny English Strikes Again”. The children had a very enjoyable visit despite not quite “getting” all the jokes!

We have been quite busy practising our Assembly. Just a few more tweaks will make it perfect for next week! Don’t forget to rustle up an Egyptian costume for Wednesday. We look forward to you joining us.

Apologies for the lack of photos this week on Dojo. We have been having some issues (for several weeks) with our class Ipad not charging. We sent it for checking and its back up and running now! (Fingers crossed it stays that way!!)

Top Dojos this week were Ethan and Molly. Tutankhamun has gone home with Jackson. It was Alya’s birthday on Friday and Ethan and Charlotte’s are over the weekend. Happy Returns to them all.

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