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Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 5

9 December 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 5

In English this week the children wrote their own "extra chapter" for our class text "The Firework Makers Daughter".

They had planned this previously and used their imagination to think of what might happen to Lila, Chulak and Lalchand after the book finishes. Some of these were really great. Several children were awarded Head Teachers awards for their work. We have also been exploring adverts- writing slogans and rhetorical questions and looking at advertising techniques. This is in preparation for the children creating their own advert for fireworks- linked to our text.

In Topic this week we have been looking at everyday life in Ancient Egypt. We discussed how evidence left behind can tell us a great deal about the past. We watched a video set in the ruins of the town of Deir El- Medina. This is a town built near the Valley of Kings for the workers who built the tombs. The remains and artefacts discovered here and the workers tombs tell us a huge amount of information about everyday life. We learned about clothes, food and homes. The children were fascinated to learn about the Ancient Egyptian toilet system and the fact that they had no pillows on their beds but instead had a wooden head rest - which looked very uncomfortable! Both men and women wore wigs and make-up. In fact most Egyptians shaved their heads and were totally bald under the wig! The children created fact files about the information they had learned.

The weather remained dry on Thursday so we could get out for netball. We have been learning the stride stop - the technique for stopping when you receive the ball. We have also been learning how to pivot with one foot. This is so we can adhere to the rules of not moving when you have the ball. Lots of games and activities linked to these techniques managed to keep us warm and active!

In Maths this week we continued with mental strategies for addition. We were adding hundreds using a variety of techniques including rounding and partitioning. We looked at how to add 99 or hundreds numbers ending with 99 by rounding to the next hundred and adjusting by 1. Next week we will be moving on to subtraction - we will use most of the same strategies but subtract rather than add.

It was lovely to welcome so many parents into class on Friday for Open Morning. We spent the session learning the colours in French. It was a fun and interactive session and hopefully the children (and maybe some adults?) will retain some of the vocabulary we learned.

Many of the class stayed in the afternoon for Festive Fun and we made a variety of Christmas crafts, watched "Nativity" and had snacks- then it was the Fete. Lots of children came back to spend their pocket money - the Teddy Tombola did a roaring trade- thank you to everyone who came to support the school. Big thanks also to the FOTs who work so hard to plan, prepare, run and tidy up this event.

Top Dojos this week were Liam and Nicole- topping another very high scoring week!

King Tut went home with Charlotte and Lewis earned the Effort Cup. Congratulations to them all!

Have a lovely weekend!

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