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Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 6

16 December 2019
Year 3 Class Update Term 2 Week 6

Year 3 are beginning to get into the festive spirit this week.

Mr Wells has wowed us with his festive attire all week!! We had a treat earlier in the week when the class went in to watch the Key Stage 1 Nativity. What a delight to see all the youngest children dressed up and singing their hearts out. It was a lovely way to spend a Monday afternoon.

In English this week we finished reading the “Firework maker’s Daughter”. The climax of the story is a massive and very impressive fireworks display. It is a competition to see who can create the most spectacular fireworks. Of course the main character, Lila and her father win the competition. As we had been studying the power of persuasive writing and focusing on adverts- the children were able to put everything they had learned into creating an advert for a firework or for a firework display. Some of these were very high quality. There was a range of catchy slogans, lots of rhetorical questions, exaggeration and superlatives. The children were also able to design artwork and illustrations to go with their writing.

Maths this week has been challenging for some children. Subtraction always is. We have been looking at a variety of mental strategies to work out answers. For these to work the children have to be secure in the simple number facts and bonds. Facts like 5 and 4 is 9, 80 and 20 is 100, 7 is made of 5 and 2 etc. If these facts are not in place then children will struggle as these are the basic building blocks for adding and subtracting mentally.

Most children were comfortable subtracting when it did not involve any bridging but once we were in the position of having to bridge things did get hard. For example - 327- 60. If you know that 60 (or 6 tens) is made of 20 and 40 you can subtract 20 to get to 307 and then subtract the remaining 40 to make 267. If, however you are uncertain of your number facts this will prove tricky. So for some children we did use base 10 apparatus to show that when you do not have enough tens you need to exchange a hundred into its ten tens and then you can subtract the number you need to.

So in the example above we would draw it pictorially- 3 squares ( to represent the base 10 hundred squares) 2 long sticks ( to represent the tens) and then 7 dots to represent the ones. Then the children can actually cross out one of the hundreds and replace it with 10 more sticks (tens). Then they can subtract the 60 and calculate the answer. This is of course a longer method but it is embedding the understanding of what is actually happening in the calculation and is a preparation for columnar addition and subtraction.

We will be doing a few more lessons next week (with festive activities between!!) – if you want to do some homework with your child on subtraction either during this week or over the holidays- the booklet attached below has some practice. The relevant pages are 5, 7 and 9. 7 being the trickiest. If your child struggles with the mental facts it is ok to let them draw the base 10 representation for support. If you are not sure of anything do come and ask.

The children brought home their interim reports this week – there were several left in class on Friday- so if your child came home without one please let us know.

Top Dojos this week were Hamish and Alya. King Tut went home with Ashdon and Elouise was awarded the effort cup for her efforts in Maths this week. Congratulations to them all.

We have planned in our D and T project for next week to round off our topic with a bang!. Our theme is packaging and containers. We will be designing and making a container for a Pharaoh – one that would be buried with him/or her in the Pyramid and would contain precious items needed for the Afterlife. We would like to examine and assess a range of packaging . So if you are able to, can you check your recycling and send in a couple of empty cardboard boxes on Monday (smallish please) – tea packets, oxo cube boxes, toothpaste tubes etc.


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