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Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 1

13 January 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 1

Happy New Year to everyone. It was lovely to welcome all the children back to the new term.

They were keen to share all the excitement of their holidays. Santa has been very generous - we have listened and been amazed by the array of wonderful gifts he has delivered!

The book we are studying for the next few weeks is called "Gregory Cool" by Caroline Binch. It is about a young boy, Gregory from England who goes and stays with his Grandparents in Tobago. It explores the culture shock he experiences in the Caribbean environment. He meets his cousin and their relationship gets off to a rocky start due to their differences but gradually he gets acclimatized and learns to embrace the differences and immerses himself in the Caribbean lifestyle. We have learned a little about the Island of Tobago and explored differences between life there and in the UK. We have explored each of the boys characters and appearance and written descriptions.

In Maths we began the week assessing our addition and subtraction work from last term. Most children did well and recalled many of the mental strategies. There are a few gaps and we will be picking those up as starters and Mental Maths sessions. Our new unit is fractions - we have been exploring unit and non unit fractions and comparing fractions with the same denominator.

We have been totally amazed by the projects we have seen this term! We have only shared a few but the standard and quality is very high. There was a huge variety of models and art works as well as fact files and posters. We have explored where in the world Rainforests grow . We learned about the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn and the Equator. Most Rain forests are located in this Tropical zone. Using maps we identified and labelled the larger forests in South America, Africa, Indonesia and Australasia.

Mr Preen took the class for multi-skills PE on Thursday afternoon. He set up some challenges for the class to do and they had to record and time themselves completing the activities.

On Friday the children were given photos showing half of a Rainforest animal. They were tasked with sketching the other half of the animal. We discussed how to use the pencil to create shades, shadow and depth. These look great and will be displayed in class once finished.

Top Dojos are Hamish and Molly. Our new Topic Mascot Toby Tree Frog has gone home with Lucy and Riley earned the Effort cup. Well done to all of them. Candace celebrated her birthday this week - many happy returns to her. Have a lovely weekend !

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