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Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 2

20 January 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 2

We continued our work looking at the story of "Gregory Cool".

We have been thinking about the setting of Tobago and what words and vocabulary we could use to describe the scenery, the sounds, smells and sights Gregory encounters during his stay.

In Maths we have continued to look at fractions. This week we have been comparing and ordering fractions and today we began to look at equivalent fractions. When ordering fractions it is very important to look at the denominator. If the denominator is the same- eg. all tenths - then the higher the numerator the larger the fraction. However if the denominators are all different and the numerator is 1 (unit fractions) then the bigger the denominator the smaller the fractions. ie- one tenth is smaller than one half. This is quite tricky. We have spent a lot of time imagining and drawing pizzas and cakes! We are sending some fractions homework home. Please can these be returned by next Wednesday? Everyone was given a named sheet at the end of today! If these fail to make it home I will attach them to Dojo. Please complete everything on the sheet itself.

Peter Pan was a real hoot! It was back to the good old days of traditional Pantos with lots of booing and shouting -"It's behind you"! We all really enjoyed it- especially as Mrs Collins had to go up on stage to participate in a song and dance routine!! Can I remind anyone that has not paid for the Panto to do so as soon as possible? Thanks.

We began work on our Erasmus+ project today. The project is all about mistakes. Today the children were designing a mascot for the project. All classes will design and make a mascot (a mistake eating monster). These will all live in school on a specially designed Totem Pole. One of these mascots will be selected as the travelling mascot and will go on all the visits abroad. When our guests come to Tregoze in March, each country will bring their travelling mascots and these will also go on the Totem pole for the duration of the visit. The class have designed their monsters on the basis of a tissue box size. They have looked at the craft resources available and have made designs accordingly. When all the designs are finished and coloured- we will need to choose the one (or two to allow for any mishaps) that will be made into the 3D model. The designs are very elaborate! Some are extremely creative. All designs will be kept to exchange with other countries too. So, as I explained to the class, their work may be displayed in schools in France, Germany, Crete or Italy!

Toby Tree Frog has gone home with Sophia. Chelsea earned the effort Cup. Top Dojos are Liam and Elena. It was Molly's birthday this week and we wish her many happy returns!

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