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Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 3

27 January 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 3

Another busy week in Year 3! The time seems to be whizzing by. I can't believe it is nearly the end of January!

We continued our writing work based around the book "Gregory Cool". The children used the plot line of the story to plan their own version of a story with a character who goes to a different country for the first time. They have written the opening and build-up of the story in which the main character tries to adjust to their surroundings. Some children have kept very close to the original story but others have let their imaginations fly and changed lots of elements. They promise to be entertaining reading. We will be finishing these off next week.

Spelling pattern this week is ei - in words like rein/vein/ sleigh/ reindeer e.c.t. We have been exploring the many ways of spelling the ay sound and looking at homophones. Words which sound the same but have different meanings according to their spelling - rain/rein/reign.

In Maths this week we completed our last lesson for a while on fractions (we will be revisiting this topic) and we have moved on to written methods for addition and subtraction. We have been exploring addition to begin with. The children have been learning how to use column method. They have been shown how to regroup and exchange in the ones and tens column and have solved problems using the method. Most children have used the method well. All the work we have completed previously with place value has made the procedure easier to understand. We begin subtraction next week. We will send out some homework soon to help reinforce the strategy.

We are trying to raise the profile of our interactive times tables game TTRockstars. This is a fun way to support children with learning tables. In the studio section we have set some specific tables. Over the next week or so we will be sorting the children into groups so that they will be focusing on the tables they need for their current club test. So when they go on the game the tables they need to pass their current test will be what they will practise. All children have a log in and password. We have copies if these get mislaid -so please come and see us. We can monitor children's progress on the game.

On Friday we used our Interactive music programme. To link with our Caribbean story-we have been looking at the Reggae genre. We learned about Bob Marley and we have started learning the song "Three Little Birds". The children listened to and discussed the song and its style. We played some games finding the beat and pulse of the music. (See photos on Dojo).

Dojo Kings and Queens this week were Archie, Alya, Charlotte and Hamish. Toby has gone home with Amelie and Lyanshika earned the Effort Cup. Well done to them!

Its Anna's birthday this weekend- we wish her many happy returns! Thanks for the sweets Anna!

Enjoy the weekend!

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