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Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 4

5 February 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 4

We have been finishing our stories this week and editing.

Some children have begun to do a best copy to publish and display in class. They have tried really hard and some of the stories are very entertaining! In our reading this week we have been looking at reports. How they are organised, the structure of them and how they can be divided into sections. We have read several different reports including one about Rainforest tribes. We will be researching and looking at subjects to write our own reports in the coming weeks.

In maths we continued to look at column method. We started to look at subtraction which is always a little bit more tricky. The children have learned how to exchange a ten into the ones column. We will progress onto exchanging hundreds next week. There will be some homework coming up so you can support your child at home.

Lots of children have been going on to TT Rockstars. It really does help with their tables. From next week when they enter the garage section it they will access the tables they need for their current club test. Do ask if you have mislaid log in or passwords.

We have continued with our Erasmus work this week. Ethan and Elena's designs have been chosen for the mascot and they have started to create their Mistake Monsters. We have also been exploring some well-known inventions that were invented by mistake! These include matches, X-rays, microwaves, crisps, penicillin and post it notes!! The children are creating posters and fact files about these marvellous mistakes.

The class had Mr Preen for outdoor PE on Thursday and he has been teaching them some handball. They have been working on passing, receiving and getting into a space. He has been very impressed with their skills. There are some house matches coming up -we will be looking for players from each house.

Dojos Kings and Queens this week are Hamish, Michael, Nicole and Amelie. Toby Tree Frog has gone home with Jarel and Effort cup was awarded to Nathan. Well done to all.

It's Charlie's birthday this weekend. He gave lollies to everyone. Many thanks and many happy returns to him.

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