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Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 6

18 February 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 3 Week 6

Another busy week in Year 3!

In our English lessons we have been reading a new text "The Vanishing Rainforest" by Richard Platt. This is a fiction book that describes the effects of deforestation and the impact it has on the animals and indigenous people who inhabit the forest. It is told from the perspective of a small girl, Remaema, from one of the Rainforest tribes. This led to research and discussion about the reasons why deforestation was happening. We explored many different reasons for cutting forests down. The children collected information and made notes and planned a report on deforestation. Then using their research and headings and subheadings they wrote their report explaining all the causes of deforestation.

In Maths we completed our unit on column subtraction. The final lesson was all about choosing efficient methods for subtracting. This involved in thinking about whether we could calculate sums in our heads or by writing a few jottings down to help us or by writing it down in full column method. This involved lots of recapping and discussion about how we do solve things mentally. When asked what strategy they used many children still respond I just worked it out! We have been trying to get the children to discuss the maths they do to solve things mentally. You can help at home by asking children to explain how they have worked things out.

On Tuesday we had Internet Safety Day. Here at Tregoze we follow the SMART rules for Internet Safety. See the attached poster. We revisited the rules and then focussed on the Safe section in Year 3. The children then used the computers to create Posters about keeping safe on line.

We have completed a couple of assessments this week as it is the end of the term. We assessed the last units in maths which were fractions and column addition and subtraction. We have also completed a phonic check. We do this check every term and then use the results to support us with our phonics and spelling planning. We were very pleased with the results of this. Every child in the class had improved. Many children had improved by a considerable amount and there were a few children who had doubled their score from last term! Well done to them all!

Love was in the air on Friday! Valentine's Day! There were many children who received cards and gifts - some at the Valentines Disco on Thursday evening and some in class on Friday morning! Several of them were confident enough to show us the cards and messages. Very cute!

We apologize for the lack of photos on Dojo and the website recently. Our old Ipad has been replaced but there are still some teething issues with uploading photos and some programmes are still missing and we need the ICT technician to add apps and programmes. The camera roll has lots of photos waiting. So when the issues are ironed out we will add them all on.

Dojos Kings and Queens this week are: Candace, Layla, Ethan and Liam. Toby has gone home for the week with Lewis and Effort Cup was awarded to Ethan. Congratulations to them all.

Have a lovely week! Don't forget the Book in a Jar activity. We look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 24th.

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