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Year 3 Class Update Term 4 Week 1

5 March 2020
Year 3 Class Update Term 4 Week 1

It was lovely to hear all the exciting things that the children did over the holidays. It was lovely to share their news and to find out about all the exciting places they visited. Great to hear there were several topic related trips.

This week we have been looking closely at deforestation. In a couple of weeks, we need to submit an entry for the TWHF Science Festival. The theme this year is climate change. This fits well with our topic. We have done some quite extensive research into the causes and effects of deforestation and how it is affecting the climate. We are going to collate all the facts and make a video report with sound effect, music and pictures. The children will be involved in acting, narrating, making the sounds and recording. We have lots still to do on the video but we have all the research.

In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We have begun with mental strategies and we will be moving on next week to more formal column multiplication. Examples of the types of sums we have been doing- 18x4 we have been partitioning the 2-digit number and looking at calculation 10x4 and 8x4 and then adding both of these numbers together, e.g. 23x7 is 20x7=140 3x7=21 140+21=161. The children were quite comfortable with the strategy but found the actual maths hard. This shows the importance of knowing your tables and number facts! On Friday we had a mental maths session on tables and number facts using the Topmarks website. We used the Hit the Button game which we thoroughly recommend to practice these valuable skills. To find it google Hit the Button game. You can also download an app.

On Thursday, Mr Preen took the class for PE and they have begun a series of lessons on basketball. They have been learning how to pass and intercept the ball. We also continued or Topic related work by studying the Amazon River in detail. We found out some amazing facts that the children have used to create some super fact posters. Did you know there are no bridges across the Amazon?

Don't forget next Thursday is World Book Day. If children want to dress up they can come as Rainforest creatures. If there are any more Book in a Jar entries, they need to be in by next week.

Dojo Kings and Queens this week were Liam, Riley, Layla and Nicole. Toby went home with Riley and the Effort cup was awarded to Elena. Have a great weekend !


Science Festival 2020 Deforestation Report Download

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