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Year 3 Term 3 Class Update

29 January 2019
Year 3 Term 3 Class Update

There’s been so much happening this term it’s hard to keep on top of it all! So far, the highlight of this term has to be the production last week of the Jack and the Beanstalk. I’m not sure about the children, but it was in fits of laughter all the way through. I’m sure one the best parts of the show was when Jack’s Mum invited myself and Mr Wells (unbeknown to us) on to the stage for a quick dancing session. Check out twitter to see the action!

In our English, we’ve been preparing and ready to write our speeches to the government to stop the deforestation of the Rainforest. We’ve been searching facts and figures and have been quite shocked about some of the information we’ve found!

Well done to the children who have completed their projects and have shared so far. I look forward to seeing more of them as they come in.

In Maths, we’ve been learning our multiplication and division methods. We’ve been looking at the expanded column multiplication method and the short divisional method. I will post some posters onto Dojo so you can see what we’ve been learning.

In Science, the children have all been very excited to get their hands on some experiments that Mrs Tudor has prepared for them. We had some great quotes from children when they were cutting celery for their most recent experiment. I believe the greatest was ‘My celery stick has grown 3cm!’

Homework is currently under review and we will be sending out the latest policy when it becomes available. For the meantime, please make sure your children are accessing Times Tables Rockstars on a daily or every other day basis. Reading is still expected at least 3 times a week.

I hope your 2019 has been great so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of this year with your children.

Week 5

What a fun and busy week we have had in Year 3 this week! We have had a big focus on celebrating the Chinese New Year, creating lots of art work based around dragons and pigs. Please pop in and have a look at what we have created.

We have also had a really big focus on working Scientifically, thinking about how we could test conditions which affect the growth of a plant and whether temperature affects the transportation of water in plants. We chose whether we wanted to test the effect of water, light or temperature. When testing how temperature affects the transportation of water we developed our observational skills and up levelled our science vocabulary to describe what we could see and feel. Miss Sylvester challenged use to make a prediction and justify it with our knowledge and understanding- predict.....because...... and as a real challenge we had to include a therefore too.

We have been revising features of diaries and are in the process of writing our own diaries through the eyes of a Panda who is faced with danger from fire and humans who are trying to destroy his jungle.

In maths our new unit is based around reading and interpreting bar charts, pictograms and tables. We created our own questions to investigate and gathered data to then represent as bar charts. This turned out to be trickier than we thought but we persevered.

In PE this week we were challenged by Miss Pilgrim, who is a Secondary teacher from Ridgeway who normally supports Year 5 on a Tues morning but as they were in Braeside she did a football coaching session with us. She was really impressed with our skills.

We absolutely loved having a one of African Drumming lesson too this week. We learnt the 'Funky Monkey' and played a really fun game of 'Simon Says'.

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