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Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 2

19 September 2019
Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 2

What a productive week we had last week!

In English we looked at features of character descriptions and different genres of story such as: mystery, sci-fi, stories set in a historical period and fairy tales. We will be applying these features to write our own versions of ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?’ We had a big focus on developing our descriptive language and phrases to write a description for ‘Herbs’ character. Next week we are going to be looking at adding relative clause (which, who, which, when, whilst, that) to add extra information about the subject. We will also start to develop our figurative language with a particular focus on similes and metaphors.

In Maths we continued to apply our place value to write numbers up to a million in words and figures, compare numbers and order numbers on a number line. During our Maths on track afternoon meets we revised short addition and solving multi step word problems.

We kicked off our Material Properties Science block by looking at materials that are hard, magnetic, conduct electricity, are flexible and waterproof. Currently we are planning how to investigate which materials are good thermal insulators. This will involve thinking out how to ensure the test is fair, how we will record our results and what equipment and resources we will need.

Our focus in Netball has been defending and the accuracy of our passing. We played some 3 on 1 games, thinking about our space and varying our passing (bounce, chest, overhead, side etc). Next we will be learning how to play ‘High 5’s’ and start to play in particular positions.

Mr Smith led our Art session on ‘People in Action’. We worked with a partner to create different friezes of how people might react during a natural disaster. We when represented these friezes using stick men with a focus on proportion.

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