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Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 4

3 October 2019
Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 4

What a week we had!

In our computing sessions we learnt about networks and how the Internet works. We also used the Internet to conduct our own research on- what volcanoes are, how they are formed and where they can be found around the world- in particular the ring of fire. We had to use our map skills to identify the 10 most dangerous volcanic eruptions around the world and label these on a world map.

In maths we have been solving problems involving positive and negative numbers in context. We have also been rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. In our Maths on track meetings we have been revising written methods, roman numerals and multi-step problems.

Thursday was International Day Of Languages and we were allocated Italy which was fab as this linked really well to our natural disasters topic. Mr Smith taught us some basic Italian such as hello, goodbye, numbers to 10, how are you? I am good? ….. We used our computing skills to research ‘Loana’ which is where one of our Erasmus mobility’s is based. We had the choice whether to create a postcard, a diary or an information leaflet using Purple Mash. We had to find out what the weather was like this time of year, where it was situated, language, currency, places to visit and things to do. Mrs Shittu taught us about what Italy is famous for- food, culture, fashion, landmarks…. In Art we did some observational drawings of different landmarks such as the ‘Leaning Tower Of Pisa’ and ‘The Colosseum’. Mr Smith taught us about famous Italian artists with a particular focus on Michael Angelo.

Our focus in PE was learning how to vault and perform different pikes, tucks and stars using the indoor apparatus which was really tricky. We loved using the schools new spring board which gave us much more elevation.

In Science we revised the different states of matter and how to represent these using symbols and labelled diagrams. We conducted a virtual experiment to test which materials were good thermal conductors. Before we tested we discussed what need to be considered to make it a fair test, what we might predict and justify these by relating to real life and how we would record our data.

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