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Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 6

21 October 2019
Year 5 Class Update Term 1 Week 6

We have been blown away by our writing where we have applied our figurative language and varied senses to write a tsunami or volcano freestyle poem.

We also applied this well to writing a narrative for the opening to 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

In maths we have completed our work on place value up to 3 decimal places which we have used and applied in different contexts. We have just started to visualise 3D shapes from their nets with a particular focus on cubes and cuboids.

Finally we have been designing and creating our natural disasters web page. So far we have published our poems using PPT or Purple Mash. We have added back grounds, animated the sentences and next we will add videos and sounds/music.

In Science we were challenged to test what effects the rate at which a solute dissolves such as:

  • Amount of stirs
  • Temperature
  • Amount of solute

We discussed what we would vary, how we would make sure our tests were fair and how we would record our findings- data or observations. Our first attempt at completely planning and testing without any adult support was a bit of a car crash but as they say 'we learn from experience' and that we did. We reflected on what went well and what we would do differently hence when we continued our testing later in the week we were much more accurate, productive and speedy.

Next week we can't wait for a music focus. Our song will be 'Living On A Prayer' by Bon Jovi. We will make sure we post lots of videos and photos.

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