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Year 5 Term 1 Class Update

13 December 2018
Year 5 Term 1 Class Update

Week One

End of week one and what a week! We have enjoyed finding out about Dr Barnardo to give us some background to our class book 'Street Child'.

We have now read the first chapter and have started to get a better understanding of his family life and living conditions. We have been looking for evidence in the text to justify what his character is like, what his life is like and what life as a pauper may have been like in the Victorian times.

In Maths we completed some arithmetic based around place value, fractions and written methods. We were surprised at how much we had remembered and were able to do. Next week we will be working with numbers in to the millions- place value, increasing, decreasing, comparing and ordering.

Our outdoor PE this term is Tag Rugby so on Wednesday we focussed on our endurance and fitness Lots of long distance running, sit ups, push ups. We played some tag games which we found quite tricky as we weren’t allowed to spin to avoid tags being taken and we could only take tags from behind.

We started our natural disasters research focusing on mountains and volcanoes. We used atlases and research on the Internet using the iPads to identify the different continents and different volcanoes around the world. We had to find out what continent they were in and their height. Then we found out about how mountains are formed, different types and shapes of mountain, dangers and life on the mountains.

After this we learnt about the earth’s structure and how volcanoes are formed. Then we found out why and how they erupt. Once we had this knowledge and understanding we created out own volcano pictures using pastels and paint- pointillism, smudging, blowing, flicking. Next week we will make them more 3D by paper quilling. We will also be making our own 3D erupting volcanoes using clay and chemical reactions. We can't wait!

On Monday it will be values day- RESPECT- and on Thursday it will be Roald Dahl day when we will being challenged to really use our imagination and creativity across the Curriculum.

PE will be on Tuesday- Tag Rugby - and Gymnastics on Wednesday. This year we will be focusing on our fitness across the school so each day we will completing 'The Golden Mile 'therefore children must ensure they have the correct foot wear and that their PE kit stays in school from Monday to Friday.

If you have a spare card board box/shoe box spare please could you bring it in on Monday as we will need them for our erupting volcanoes.

Homework is the next 3 spellings written out 5 times. Next week the children will be expected to write out all spellings 5 times. The children will also need to complete the 'silent letter sorting' and 'silent letter story' activities (this will be their spelling/reading comprehension).

Each night they need to read and record a sentence in their reading diary about what they have read. All reading diaries and homework handwriting books need to be in daily to be checked please.

If any of the children are worried about the homework then Mrs Cox will be running a Homework club in the morning which will give them the opportunity to get support if they need it and if they have lots of after school activities this would alleviate a bit of pressure and stress for them too.

Well done Jack for winning a prize for the most Dojo's. I have to say I have been really impressed with the Year 5's positive and enthusiastic attitude to learning this week and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them. They have worked their socks off and worked really well with partners, groups and individually. Keep it up!

Week Two

In English this week we are so impressed with our sentence level work where we have been up levelling really basic main clauses and developing the use of more powerful objectives such as infantile, immature, petulant, disrespectful... Also we have been trying hard to extend our sentences with , which. who..... because ….as…………….We have applied these when writing letters to Herbs mum from the fairytale character's, informing her of his complete lack of respect towards their book ' Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?'

We have been experimenting with chemical reactions by varying the amount of vinegar or bicarbonate of soda to see what affect this has to the eruption. As you can imagine, we were rather excited.

Everyone is enjoying our Street Child class read and keep wanting to read on but Miss Sylvester keeps stopping and keeping us on the edge of our seats. We are working on PEEL with our reading comprehension- Point Explain Evidence Link.

In PE we have been learning different moves to strengthen our core muscles and created a sequence of pikes, tucks and star balances. Hilarious! We found this really tricky! On Tuesday we started to develop our tagging and side passes as part of our Tag Rugby sessions. Each day we have also been recording how many laps of the field we can complete in 10 minutes.
Our Computing teacher, who we are really lucky be having teaching us on a Thursday afternoon, was really impressed with our knowledge of programming and our behaviour. She said we are one of the best classes she has taught so far. What a compliment! We can't wait to start creating our own natural disaster maze games using Purple Mash.

This week we completed our Volcano art work and we are really proud of these. Please pop in and see them on display. We are also really proud of our creative writes. We had to write a Fairy tale story.

To challenge ourselves we could change the characters and retell the story with the same structure and problem, retell but change the ending or write a very humorous one where the male became female eg Cinderfella instead of Cinderella… and there was a wicked ending.

Week Three

In English we have been improving character descriptions bu adding more powerful adjectives, adverbs, relative clauses and figurative language. We are so impressed with our descriptions of a new species of Gruffalo. Our creative write this week was writing a Fairy Tale- this could be a traditional one or a parody of one.

We have been making notes about Volcanoes with supporting labelled diagrams. We’ve learnt about their structure, how they are formed, and different types of volcano and how and why they erupt. Some of us have develop our knowledge by continuing our research at home. We loved making our own 3D volcanoes out of clay which we still need to finish. We look forward to making a chemical reaction and awakening our volcanoes.

In Maths we have been comparing and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000. We have been set some really tricky scuba and submarine challenges which has involved lots of combination and convince me work. Next week we will be working with negative numbers and have a real focus on reasoning.

As part of our daily routine we have been completing a 10 minute run. Each day we have aimed to beet our laps. In PE we have been learning how to pass the ball in tag rugby and in gymnastics we have been doing forward rolls on the floor and off/along benches.

Week Five

Last week we finished making our volcano models and today we got to start painting and decorating them.

In English we have been learning to use coordinating conjunctions- but, or, yet, so to extend our sentences and we have continued to up-level our adverbs and adjectives. We have loved writing our own versions of ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?’ which we have nearly finished. We can’t wait to publish these and put them on show.

In Maths we have had a real focus on reasoning and problem solving. We have been using the bar method to represent a problem and show our workings systematically. We have now cracked the written methods to add and subtract.

Our coding skills are coming on a treat and next week we look forward to creating our own games.

What a great end to the week. We absolutely loved getting the Apparatus in the hall today. We got to do different pikes, stars and tucks on the apparatus and off. Next week we look forward to getting the apparatus out again and learning different ways to travel along and through them.

Nearly all of us are completing our homework on time and to a great standard. Some of us still need to ensure our book is in on a Friday and our reading diaries are filled in every day.

Reading comprehension 'Victorian Inventors' page 14-18 for most. A paper copy will be given out on Monday.

Spellings: ible/ly words. To write as normal in Homework book

Daily reading. Only a few are not reading every day, however 97%of us are reading at least 3 times a week, some super stars are reading 7 times a week so our reading Bertie is looking good, in fact we have the best percentage in the school at the moment.Lets try to get 100% reading x 5 a week.

We are doing really well with our Dojos. Some of us aren't far from getting our 100 Dojo certificate. Well done to Ryan and Marisa for receiving the math's achievement certificate and again to Ryan for receiving a head teachers certificate for his writing.

Week Six

This week we have loved continuing to write our own natural disaster stories which we are really impressed with. We have tried to add a lot of action and tension through choice of language, interaction between characters and punctuation. We have also enjoyed finishing and publishing our own versions of the 'Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?' some of which are on display. Please pop in and have a read.

In Maths we have been working towards using written methods to solve multi-step addition and subtraction problems. We have been rounding to estimate and been using the inverse to solve problems. Our times tables are coming on a treat, some of us are already moving up the 99 club.

Our computing skills are coming on a treat. This week we learn how to use the 'Swiggle' search engine to research natural disasters and we have started to create leaflets using this research using Purple Mash.

In PE we have started to play Tag Rugby, applying our defending, attacking and ball skills that we have been taught over the last 4ish weeks. We have continued to run our Golden Miles daily and we have learnt to pace ourselves better so that we can keep the pace and not have to stop or walk. What an improvement!

Finally we all finished our 3D volcano art which look amazing. We look forward to applying our science knowledge to create chemical reactions to erupt the volcanoes. We will video these then add them to our class story.

On Thursday we were really lucky and got to watch the M and M theater production perform ' The Railway Children ' which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Next weeks homework is going to be a little different in regards to spellings. The spellings will be homophones which are words that sound the same, are spelled differently and have a different meaning eg alter, altar...... The children will be given a booklet of activities to complete- wordsearch, look,cover,write,check, .... This will be instead of writing each spelling out every day in their handwriting book. Reading will be research and note taking in relation to their natural disasters leaflet. Notes to be made in their homework books please. Maths will be an arithmetic paper.

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