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Year 5 Term 2 Class Update

13 December 2018
Year 5 Term 2 Class Update

Week Three

This weeks focus has been on road safety. We have conducted research about how to be safe on the roads and we are now using this information to create a movie trailer to advertise road safety using 'IMovie'.

In Maths we have just come to the end of our statistics unit. Our main focus has been on reading and interpreting timetables.Today we worked strategically to reason and problem solve. We have to solve different problems to work out clues to find out who the winner was of a reading competition.

We have been looking at features of informal letters, ready to write our own letters from Jim the Street Child to his sister Lizzie. We will be focusing on feelings, emotions, questions and statements in particular.

In PE this week we have been developing our different passes in netball and pivoting. We have also been learning how to vault to the side and as a tuck.

On Thursday we had a great time at the Cinema where we got to watch 'The Greatest Showman'. We all had a good sing a long at the end and a bop.


Spellings- words they have to know by the end of year 5. I have chosen words which the children will be applying to their letter writing next week.

- daily and fill in diary
This is still inconsistent with some not filling in their diaries at all.There has been an improvement from last week but our class aim is for 100% . Our highest so far is 97%. At the moment we are around the 70%. It is so important that the children read or are read to as this impacts all areas of the Curriculum.

Maths- there will be a focus on multiplication and number properties.

Thursday is British Value Day. Please can the children were read, white and blur on this day.

Week Four

Today we enjoyed dressing up and creating our own movies as a reward for working so hard this week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and even got to stay in our costumes for the rest of the day. Hopefully next week, on Friday, we will get to continue our movies.

Our writing is really coming on leaps and bounds. Nearly half of us have now earned our handwriting licenses and received a certificate. As Miss Sylvester has been so impressed with the effort we have been consistently putting in to our presentation and handwriting in particular, she is now letting us all write in pen when completing work in our creative write books. This week we have independently been writing our letters from Jim to Lizzie. Our key focus has been on adverbs for time, manner, frequency, degree and place. We are trying to open with these and include them within our sentences.

In Maths we have been applying our times tables to work out factors, common factors and multiples of numbers. We have also been looking at numbers that only have the factors 1 and themselves which we call Prime Numbers. Next week we will be moving on to perimeter then area. For our Maths meets we will be multiplying and dividing numbers by 10,100,1000. This will really test our place value understanding.

Thursday was British Values day. Our value was individual liberty. We improved a freedom garden by adding other liberties of our choice. We also had time to use the iPads to research somebody in history who had an impact on change and rules such as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi….

In Jigsaw we have just started to make our own snakes and ladders anti bullying games. We have to include dilemmas and scenarios within these.

Homework from now on will be TTRockstars for those that are 77 or below on the 99 Club and reasoning and problem solving for those that are above 77, Hit The Button , daily reading and filling in diary and writing out spellings daily.

Again this week there are a handful of children who are STILL not reading daily and recording this in their diaries and some are not writing out their spellings daily or at all. All diaries should be in daily to be checked and I would like all handwriting/spelling books in again daily until there is consistency across the class with this being completed.

I will be checking TT Rockstars daily to check that the children practising their times tables daily. I have spoken to them about homework club- if they don’t have Internet access or have a valid reason for not being able to complete TT Rockstars on a particular day, then they can attend this club. It is imperative that the children know their tables as so much of Maths uses and applies these.

Week Five

We have had a real focus on Maths this week, particularly with reasoning and problem solving.
Next week’s homework: We are much more secure with calculating perimeter and area of rectangles. Next week we look forward to applying this knowledge to calculating area and perimeter if regular and irregular shapes.

Throughout the week we have developed our knowledge and understanding of the features of persuasive writing. We have analysed and evaluated a number of persuasive texts in terms of purpose and audience. We look forward to applying this to our own persuasive writing next week.

In PE we had a whale of a time playing mini games of Netball in the rain, We were drenched! Miss Sylvester joined in and it should come as no surprise that her competitive spirit prominently showed itself, Even we have to admit we were impressed with how well we adapted to the rules, worked in teams and thought tactically. Miss Sylvester really kept us on our toes. We couldn’t believe the progress we made in our game playing within just one session and with the heavens opening. Miss Sylvester got to a point she couldn’t see anymore and had to take off her glasses which was hilarious as she is short sighted – with that and the rain……. Well we are sure you can imagine the mayhem and fun we had.

In drumming this week, Luke taught us some of the notes – crotchet and quaver- and we continued to use music terminology to assess and review our drumming performances. In class we showed out real rock side to our Charanga singing lesson. We were learning to sing ‘Living On A Prayer’. And in Science we have been learning the water cycle song which we love.

TT Rockstars daily for those 55 and below on 99 club
For those that are 66 or above I have attached this homework- 2 weeks worth, 7 for this coming week and 8 for the following week.

Spelling Bee spellings- see attached letter which went out at the beginning of Autumn term and these spellings are also stuck in the front of their homework books. We have been practicing the seas part of our handwriting and class spellings work throughout the Autumn term. Next week will be the competition so i will be running a class quiz next week and choosing the top 2 to go through to the final.

Daily reading- fill in diaries

Don't forget that there is the option to go to Homework club each day. iPads and the ICT suite are available so they can complete their TT Rockstars work.

On Thursday 20th December we will be performing our Class assembly at 9:00am . We can't wait as we have so much work to share that we are so proud of.

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