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Year 5 Term 3 Class Update

16 January 2019
Year 5 Term 3 Class Update

Week One

What a great start to the Spring Term! To say the children are excited about our new topic- X-Files - Is There Anything Out There? and our class books ' Tuesday' by David Weisner and 'How To Train A Dragon' would be an understatement.

We kicked off the term with the vale ' Cooperation'. We enjoyed playing games which needed cooperation and then creating our own cooperation games.

In English we started to look at our new book 'Tuesday' which is a picture book based around bizarre happenings that happen in a village at around 9:00 pm on a Tuesday night. We have started to look at how to write good descriptions using adjectives, similes and varied senses. We will be setting the scene for the Tuesday story next week using varied senses and figurative language ( similes,metaphors, personification, alliteration, sounds and powerful adjectives) We can't wait.

In Maths we have been learning to use the written method to multiply 4 digit by 1 digit and 2 digit by 2 digit. Some of us have really struggled with the 2 by 2 digit multiplication. Click here for more information on Long Multiplication. Next week we will be moving on to multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit and link this to problem solving.

We really impressed our specialist PE teacher on Tuesday with our Netball skills. She was blown away. We played mini games to practice our over head, chest and bounce passes, plus our defending and foot work skills. Next week we are going to learn how to play High5 Netball. Today we learnt some hockey skills with Mr Williams - dribbling and passing.

In Art we have been looking at the artist Peter Thorp who creates abstract art based around the theme of Space. So far we have created our back grounds in the abstract form using pastels. Next week we look forward to making 3D rockets to add dimension to our pictures.

Homework for next week

  • TT Rockstars daily- unless you are 66 and above on the 99 club then you will be given another reasoning/problem solving activity.
  • 10 spellings to be written out daily in handwriting book.
  • Reading daily and write a blurb in diary.

Week Four

We have absolutely loved writing our own versions of the Tuesday story. Pleases pop in next week to have a read. We are really proud of the level of our writing and how we have really captured the audience with our creativity, descriptions and humour.

In Maths we have finally cracked the written method to divide and multiply. We have been applying these to solve multi step problems. We completed our end of block assessment and were blown away by the progress we have made.

Our Space artwork in the style of Peter Thorp are now up on display. We are looking for to making the solar system collectively as a class and designing our own planets which we then create fact files for.

Science this week has been developing our knowledge about how we can prove that the planets are spherical planets and their relative size. Next week we will be finding out about how the earth and moon move then we be figuring out how we could prove this.

I talked with the class about how they felt about me setting a homework task to represent however they like - animation on purple mash, PPT, 3D model, artwork, make with fruit/veg and take a photo, create a rap, trump cards..... up to them. They were very excited about this. I said they can work with friends and to share in the last week of this term. This is not compulsory, it is their choice if they want to do it or not. If they need resources then they need to let me know so I can place an order on Monday. I won't be setting home spellings/handwriting, we will cover this in class as a morning task, only TTRockstars/99 club and daily reading will be compulsory.

I have shown the children how to create a blog on Purple Mash and have said that their daily reading could be research using the search engine 'swiggle' not 'Google' as this is a search engine specifically for children. They can do Internet research about something to do with Space and then they can add this info to their blog-constellations- reading the stars, facts about a planet, astronauts, Space exploration - Tim Peake, Moon.... . They were also very excited about this.
Again, not compulsory they can still just read their home book.

Also, we have had a discussion about reading and we have decided our book corner needs updating so I have asked if they have any books that they would recommend and could kindly donate to our book corner, it would be greatly appreciated. If they are happy to then please could they write on the inside of the cover their name, date and year. We said how funny it would be if they returned in years to come and they found their book still in Tregoze. They loved this idea. Thank you to Charlie M, Emmly and Mia who have already kindly donated.

Week Five
Wow! What a week! Only 3 more days until our residential at Braeside and we are incredibly excited.

In Maths this week we have just started our block on Fractions. We have been learning how to work out equivalent fractions, how to simplify fractions and how to convert mixed and improper fractions and vice versa. We really struggled with this but we persevered however we will need to keep revisiting these skills to ensure that we are secure with them.

In English we have been learning to use coordinating conjunctions- for, and, nor, but, or, yes and so to join to main clauses. We have just started looking at features of news reports ready to write our own based around our 'Tuesday' stories. We have finally finished our own parodies which are up on display in the class room. We are so proud of them.

We have had a real Science focus this week. We have been researching the relative size and order the planets, how the earth, sun and moon move and use this understanding to explain how we get night and day, a year and the seasons. Currently we are devising our own experiments to prove that the earth moves.

Yesterday we celebrated young carers day and found out about what this role entails. We were read some diaries from young carers and talked about feelings, emotions, the impact this can have on the different individual lives....

Our Space pictures in the style of Peter Thorp are finally finished and up on display.

Mrs Collins has been really impressed with our French this week where we have continued to revise greetings, how to ask how old you are and how to respond, numbers up to 100, the months of the year and the seasons. Her star child this week was Frankie R for his enthusiasm and progress he is already making. Well done Frankie.

Homework for next week
- NONE! NONE! NONE ! Except to enjoy themselves in Braeside, work well in teams and support each other. I look forward to popping over for the Talent Show on Wednesday evening. Also to get out and enjoy the snow today. Please add any photos/videos or tell me what you have been up to on your Purple Mash Blog.

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