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Year 5 Term 4 Class Update

20 March 2019
Year 5 Term 4 Class Update

We have enjoyed using Purple Mash 2SimplePlus to Publish our Tuesday news reports and our letters of complaint from our classroom equipment who are upset, angered and humiliated because of the way Year 5 have mistreated them.

Some of these letters are hilarious. We started writing this during World Book Day through the book – The Day The Crayons Quit’. Once these were and are completed we have sent or will send them in an email to Miss Sylvester to check and print. We have also continued our emailing tasks where we have had to respond to emails, give advice or complete a task to attach and send back.

In Science we have just started our Forces unit which has linked well to our outer Space knowledge and understanding which was our last focus. We have learnt the different forces names, how arrows can show direction and size and that each force has a reaction force. We recalled gravity and Isaac Newton’s theory about gravity.

Next we are really excited as we will be completing lots of investigations based around air resistance, water resistance and friction. This will involve collecting and interpreting data to answer questions.

Our Maths focus this week has been on decimals- place value and decimals as fractions- tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We have completed an end of unit assessment on fractions which has highlighted that many of us are still not secure on converting mixed fractions to improper fractions or knowing what operation or strategy to use when interpreting fraction word problems. As a result we will have this as a focus as our warm up hooks for each lesson and within our maths meets. We will be rounding decimals and linking decimals and fractions to percentage over the next few weeks.

We are incredibly proud of our planet non-chronological reports, which for some of us we feel is our best piece of writing to date. We are looking forward to moving on to ‘How To Train A Dragon’ and building up to writing our own ‘How To Train A ……’

Before we do we will be looking at writing instructions, explaining and describing.In Art we have continued to draw our pictures of our planet settings and papier macheing our 3D planets.

Our martial arts dance are coming on a treat, thanks to Aaron who continues to teach us new moved to add to our routines. We are looking forward to learning different transition/spins to link our moves. We thoroughly enjoyed learning some football drills by Swindon Football Club- dribbling, passing, heading…..Remember:

This can be research (forces, theorists (Plato, Copernicus, Galileo), Anglo Saxons ) , comics, news reports. Please make sure that you are varying the genre of fiction and author – sci-fi, adventure, mystery, horror, classic, humorous

In week four we have had a real Science focus. We have learnt about different forces that act upon an object and investigated how surface area, shape, mass and weight affect the fall of an object, buoyancy, streamline and aerodynamics. We have ensured that our tests are fair and collected data to interpret and answer our questions. Next week we look forward to our Mechanisms unit where we will be learning about- cams levers, pulleys and gears. We will be applying this knowledge and understanding to design and make our own moon buggies which can capture aliens.

In English we have just started to write through our new class book- ‘How To Train A Dragon’. We have written our own descriptions for a creature that we are going to train. Next week we will be writing instructions to catch our creature and then train our creature.

In maths we have be learning about place value after the decimal point as tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We have been writing fractions as decimals and vice versa, rounding to the nearest whole number and 1 decimal place and completing reasoning and problem solving linked to decimals and fractions. Next week we will be progressing to percentage.

Our martial arts dance routines are coming on a treat. We learnt how to do a canon move, which initially we found quite tricky. Aaron has continued to teach us some more martial arts moves and really impressed us with his martial art kit. In tennis we have been developing our forehand and back hand. Now we are playing single games. Next week we can’t wait to get out the nets and learn to volley, smash…. and play actual doubles and single games.

Wednesday will be our last cycling proficiency session so don’t forget to bring in your bikes.

Also, if you have any junk that could be used to make our moon buggies please could you start to bring this in- egg boxes, plastic containers and bottles, bottle tops, yoghurt pots……..


  • -Daily reading and fill in diary
  • -Daily TT Rockstars

In week six we have absolutely loved our Viking week focus, in particular leading our own learning to research an aspect if Viking life. On top of this we have continued with our 'How To Catch A Dragon' chapters. We have loved being given the freedom to write in the style of the author and with our own creature - not a dragon. We have particularly enjoyed creating our own language for our creature.

Our tennis skills are really progressing and some of us got to play doubles and singles whilst the rest of us worked on developing our forehand and backhand - accuracy.

We all put a lot of effort in to our superhero costumes to celebrate bikeability.

At the end of the day we were given an Easter egg from FOTS for which we said a big thank you and Miss Sylvester added to the sugar high by giving us some sweets to reward us for just being amazing. She has told us to have a fab holiday. Have fun and eat loads of chocolate/Easter eggs.

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