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World Book Day: A Story of Success

13 March 2019
World Book Day: A Story of Success

Last Thursday, our teachers and pupils had a great time celebrating World Book Day. A lot of fun and exciting activities took place, with pupils being encouraged to explore the thrill and emotion that reading inspires.

The use of books has long been a crucial part of education. However, with the internet becoming an increasingly common learning resource, books are being marginalised. At Tregoze Primary School, we still recognise the importance of books in helping children to learn, develop, and express their creativity, and World Book Day was a great opportunity for us to help our pupils understand what reading has to offer.

This year, the children at Tregoze followed the theme of the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywall and Oliver Jeffers. The day was launched by a whole-school assembly, where pupils were treated to a production of the story performed to them by the school staff. Back in their classrooms, the children all completed work focused on the story that will be displayed and celebrated in school. The pupils also dressed in the colours of the crayons and created a fantastic rainbow of colours, which can be seen below:

During the day, the teachers swapped classes and read their favourite books to different classes, while World Book Day quizzes made by the year 6 house captains were hosted in both KS1 and KS2. Mrs Keen, Year 2 Teacher, said: “It was so lovely to see the whole school dressed in a rainbow of colours and great to read to a different year group. Our children love reading and listening to stories.”

Our activities weren’t restricted to just taking place on World Book Day, however. Throughout the week, children from both key stages were invited to a lunchtime book club where they could share books and talk about their favourite stories. This was extremely popular, especially as squash and biscuits were on offer!

World Book Day 2019 at Tregoze Primary School was not just about our pupils, but also others, as we demonstrated by taking part in the Read for Good readathon. Read for Good is a charity that encourages children to read using a unique motivational approach that inspires reluctant readers to give reading a go and keen readers to read more widely. Pupils can choose to read any book, from comics to classics; audio books to blogs. There are no assessments, which places the emphasis on reading simply for fun.

This sponsorship money raised by this event helps to provide a regular supply of brand-new books, as well as a resident storyteller, to every major children’s hospital in the UK. Our pupils’ contribution will help to improve the lives of children being treated in hospital, and we are so proud of them. In return for our contribution, we receive free books worth 20% of our grand sponsorship total. The readathon will be continuing until the end of term.

Although our pupils and teachers had a lot of fun last Thursday, all of our activities had an underlying message — reading is important. Helping pupils become lifelong learners is a key value of The White Horse Federation and its schools, and we want our World Book Day celebrations to have ignited a lifelong passion for reading within our pupils.

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