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After School Enrichment Clubs

Here at Tregoze, we deliver a wide range of after-school clubs, all of which are aimed at giving our pupils the best experience, allowing them to develop their individual skills and passions.

These clubs help children to build on their confidence, imagination, team work, coordination, focus, creativity, and many other transferable skills which they can use throughout their schooling years and beyond.

We will confirm by Dojo when clubs are finishing and restarting around holidays/half term. Occasionally we need to cancel clubs due to illness – we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, but please check Dojo just in case. No clubs will be cancelled due to weather as the children will do a class-based activity if the weather is too bad to play outside.

Why Join a Club?

Young people’s skills start to grow and evolve from an early age, and their time at school plays a significant role in shaping their attributes and personality. By taking part in our after-school clubs, students enhance their social skills and enjoy spending time with other children outside of the classroom. They also develop a range of other attributes, depending on which club they attend. Reception class will be able to join after school activity club after October Half term giving them the chance to settle into school first.

Tennis - Monday (Yrs. 3/4/5&6) Tuesday (R,Yrs.1&2) - Chargeable £3 per week

Matty Morgan is an LTA Level 3 Accredited plus Coach who is the Tennis Manager at Delta Tennis Centre.  Matty has been coaching tennis in America, where he has gained a huge amount of experience coaching elite tennis players and learning how to run his own tennis centre. Matty is well known at Tregoze as loves coaching the children and helping them to improve their hand eye co-ordination skills..

Football - Thurs (Yrs 5/6) - Free - Starts 7th Sept 23

Thursdays Year 5/6 Football with Mr Preen (Y 5 & 6) 

Well, what we can say about Mr Preen!!! He is an avid sports fan and loves nothing more than getting the children involved in sports in any shape or form. He will be working with the year 5/6 football Team again.

Rock Band – Tuesday – Ultimate Tuition (All Years) – Chargeable payments direct – see letter.

DJ has been teaching ukulele at Tregoze for several years now and one of his band members as been rocking the school with rock band for a few years now.

Please see separate letter.

Monday Fun Day – Monday – Mrs Tydeman (R,Yr1&2) – Chargeable £2 per week

Mrs Tydeman is one our fab TA’s who works in Year One and is keen to have fun with the younger children in the school playing games, colouring, singing and dancing and anything else she can fit in, in an hour!!!!

Girls Football – Tuesday – Miss Reeves Fri (Girls Y 3,4,5 &6)

Miss Reeves is our PE teacher who ran the Girls Football club last year after being handed the mantle from Mr Preen. She is very keen to work hard with the Girls and have a team to try and replicate the success the school has had in previous years.

Football - Wednesdays - STFC (Yrs.1/2/3&4) – Chargeable direct – see link starts 13th Sept 23

STFC will be coaching football for Years 1/2/3 & 4 again this year. The leaflet is attached with details on how to join as this needs to be done by the parents/carers. Please also add this club to the list slip so we are aware of your child attending this club.

Please use link:  https://stfcfoundation.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistration/Register?GroupId=3461470

Dance – Thursdays - Mrs Richards (Yrs.3/4/5&6) - Free

As well as being a great teacher, Mrs Richards is also an accomplished Dancer – as you all could tell from the previous performances. We as staff are all looking forward to this year’s dance show. This club will only run until the Wyvern Show beginning of February.

Art Club – Fridays – Mrs Bray (All Yrs.)- Chargeable £4 per week includes equipment.

Mrs Bray is one of our parents who also happens to be an amazing artist and wants to share her talent with our pupils.  Last year was her first year doing an after-school club and this was a great success, she also runs a Saturday morning club at the school if your child can’t get enough of art. 

Junior Zumba – Fridays - Beth Neal (Yrs.2,3,4,5&6) – Chargeable £3.50 per week

Beth has been running her Junior Zumba classes for few years now and the children always come out with a smile on their faces.  If you are unsure of what Junior Zumba is it is a mixture of routines, games and creative activities; an exciting and energetic class where kids can have fun, burn off energy, make new friends and learn new skills.

Lego Club – Thursday (Yrs.2,3,4)– Mrs Tydeman– Chargeable £2 per week

Mrs Tydeman will be running the Lego club again this year but this year we will not be using an outside company to help as Mrs T is well versed with Lego!!!. This is an exciting opportunity for the kids being able to spend an hour a week getting creative with Lego. Mrs T is looking forward to having fun with the children.

Creative Crafts Club – Tuesday (Yrs.4,5,6)- Mrs Terry– Chargeable £2 for materials

Mrs Terry is running a creative arts club which will include the following:

  • Learning how to compose photographs, use lighting and edit on an iPad.
  • Design and make a photo frame for the photo.
  • Learn how to use marbling paints and create a silhouette marble picture.
  • Design and make a clay tray, decorate and varnish it.
  • Learning how to quill and create a greetings card.
  • Learn how to screen print and design a printed bag.

Dragons & Dungeons Club – Wednesday (Yrs.5/6)- Mrs Clayton – Free

Mrs Clayton is running a Dungeons and Dragons club which will include the following. 

D&D is a pen and paper roleplaying game. Children will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, communication skills, friendships and imagination -fighting dragons and other creatures in a fantasy world!

Breakfast Club

Day Time Cost
Monday - Friday 7:30-8:35am £4 per child

If you wish to book your child into breakfast club, we ask that you complete the contract below and make payment is made via our online payment system, ParentPay.

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Friday Club

Tregoze Primary School runs a Friday afternoon club from 1:00pm - 3:00pm charged at £8.00 per child.

If you wish to book your child into Friday Club, we ask that you complete a contract, available from the school office. Payment is made via our online payment system.

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