We are happy to present our new creative space to our parents and carers, introducing the Rainbow Room!


The Rainbow Room is a new creative area that has been upgraded from our old ICT suite. These changes have been made possible through the hard work of FOTs and teachers and the generosity of Nationwide, who supplied the grant for this amazing project.


Previously, the suite was only used for ICT lessons, furthermore, our laptops housed within the suite were only usable at the desks. Thanks to our recently received Nationwide grant, we have been able to make numerous improvements to this learning space.


Firstly, we purchased an ICT trolly which now houses our laptops. This means that all of our laptops can be transported safely around the school, allowing them to be used in any classroom. This has freed up the desks to be used for D&T work as well as for art projects.


We have also purchased some new woodwork benches, tools, and resources which are also available in the Rainbow Room. These allow us to integrate woodwork lessons into our teaching plan. Tregoze Primary School has also teamed up with Enterprise Works Swindon. This partnership will give us the opportunity to use recycled cuts of wood. Meaning we are not only able to supply more engaging lessons, but we will also be helping to save the planet! Find out more about Enterprise Works Swindon via this link: Enterprise Works Swindon


We have wasted no time putting our new woodwork equipment to good use as our Reception class has already been enjoying using their own tools. Our younger pupils have access to their own age-appropriate tools, which has allowed them to explore woodworking in a fun and safe environment.


There is also a space where you can find cookery equipment as well as brand new table clothes which will be used in cookery and nutrition lessons. We will also supply tablecloths for art purposes. With these, our pupils can get creative without the worry of causing a mess.


Our staff began training on the 17th of April which will ensure we can use our new creativity suite to its full potential whilst keeping the children safe and secure.


We would like to send one final massive thank you to our wonderful PTA, and in particular the Chair of FOTs Mrs Ramsey, it was thanks to her help that we were able to get the Nationwide grant. Thank you to Mrs Terry, Mrs Ball, and all the rest of our staff who offered a hand in developing the Rainbow Room. Finally, thank you to Nationwide for funding this project. You have all made Tregoze an even more adventurous and exciting school for our pupils.