Modern Foreign Languages

At Tregoze Primary School, we have a vision of language learning as a “lifelong skill to be used in business and for pleasure, to open up avenues of communication and exploration, and to promote, encourage, and instil broader cultural understanding”.

Although we provide regular opportunities to experience other languages through special encounter days and our Erasmus+ Project, our main focus language is French.

All children in key stage 2 have formal French lessons. They are taught a structured scheme of lessons based on the key stage 2 framework for languages. Children are taught a variety of topics, including greetings, colours, counting, the weather, and animals.

The lessons are fun, being focused on lots of repetition, oral games, and interactive activities. Singing is a large part of our sessions — songs have been proven to significantly improve children’s language retention. Children progress from learning vocabulary to understanding the basics of simple sentence construction. The main focus is on spoken language, but children are expected to write simple words and phrases as their learning progresses.