Science teaching at Tregoze aims to encourage our learners to be both curious and creative. Throughout their time at Tregoze, pupils will develop scientific knowledge within the disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry, as well as practical experience of the scientific skills required to undertake different types of scientific enquiry. We believe that to succeed in science, children need the following:

  • More practical activity.
  • More questioning.
  • More discussion.
  • Less writing.
  • Deeper thinking.

Every science lesson incorporates a ‘bright ideas time’ where children are encouraged to think and discuss an open-ended science problem or scenario. Practical problem solving and investigations are at the heart of our learning, offering children of all ages the opportunity to discover scientific knowledge through their own investigations. In our early years setting, children are given a myriad of opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through observation and hands-on activities both inside and while making use of the outdoor learning area. They may be found discussing the properties of liquids and solids through sand and water play or investigating their own shadows in the playground.

At the top end of the school, children may be found applying their scientific knowledge of forces to design and build a moon buggy, or perhaps understanding the process of evolution by recreating Darwin’s finches using barbeque tongs and goldfish crackers. Recording is focused on one specific objective so that the majority of a lesson can be spent in discussion or practical investigation.

By encouraging children to think deeply, discuss openly, and apply their skills practically, we hope to develop young scientists who are ready to answer all kinds of questions about the world around them, today and for the future.