Curriculum Intent

At Tregoze Primary School we offer children a fun, exciting and enjoyable curriculum which instils a love of learning and develops life-long skills. We are a values-based school, ensuring that values form part of every aspect of our learning. Our knowledge led, broad and balanced curriculum is taught through both topic and high-quality texts. We offer a variety of teaching and learning experiences, to enrich the education of every child. Where possible, we teach through real-life experiences and include trips, visitors to school and WOW activities. We place a high emphasis on global citizenship to encourage children to be more curious about the wider world, as well as actively seeking to broaden their horizons. To do this, we include a global aspect into all curriculum areas, also encouraging children to engage with a wide variety of worldwide perspectives. In doing this, we hope to instil a growing sense of global responsibility and identity to all our pupils.

Our curriculum intent is to inspiremotivate and challenge. It is designed to place a high emphasis on learning, values and global citizenship so our children achieve their academic potential, and leave school equipped with the skills they will need throughout later life:


  • To enable children to discover their own curiosity, style and love of learning and to show resilience and confidence in understanding new areas of knowledge
  • To revel in their learning experiences which are carefully structured to provide opportunities for all children to develop.


  • Encourage children to display the school’s core values to develop a strong moral compass.
  • Support children to be more aware of their well-being and that of others, allowing them to increase their emotional awareness and focus.

Global Citizenship:

  • Encourage children to be more curious about the wider world, actively seeking to broaden their horizons, through our high emphasis on global citizenship and responsibility, as well as understanding their place in the world.

Early Years

Upon joining Tregoze Primary School, children will enter the last phase of the foundation stage (FS2) commonly known as reception. In our reception class, we strive to develop our children’s independence, social skills, and self-confidence. We encourage them to develop their love of learning through playing, talking, observing, experimenting, rehearsing, listening, and responding to adults and each other.

Key Stage One

When children enter key stage 1 in year 1, we ease the transition from reception by providing them with a curriculum that still involves learning through play. We use continuous provision in the classroom and offer an outside area which can be used for learning.

Throughout KS1, our children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum that is both fun and engaging. There is a focus on English and maths, but the children also learn many skills that help them to become lifelong learners.

Our children study:

  • Maths
  • English, including Phonics, Grammar, Reading, and Writing
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Education
  • PSHE
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art
  • Design and Technology

At the end of key stage 1, children are required to complete statutory assessments in maths and reading, which assess their learning over their time in school.

Key Stage Two

When the students enter KS2, they continue to develop their knowledge and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. Alongside a focus of English and maths — where they are taught higher-level skills, including inferring and multi-step problem solving — our pupils are taught key skills to develop them academically and to support their transition to secondary school.

Our curriculum offer consists of:

  • English, including Grammar, Spelling, Writing, and Reading
  • Maths
  • PSHE
  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Physical Education
  • Art and Design
  • Design Technology
  • French

At the end of key stage 2, pupils are required to complete statutory assessments in maths, reading, and grammar to assess their learning over their time in school.

A more detailed overview of each subject can be downloaded on the right but if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Curriculum Overviews

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Yearly Curriculum Overviews

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